Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Quick Response Sprinkler heads are used in fixed fire protection systems:  wet, dry, deluge or preaction.   These heads utilize a 3.0 mm frangible glass bulb which provides a fast thermal response.  They come in a variety of types, upright, pendent, horizontal sidewall, recessed pendent.  Heads also come in a variety of temperature ratings.  This would depend upon the type of application and what is to be protected. Non Ferrous Quick Response Concealed Automatic Sprinkler heads are used for MRI type applications.  This is the most versatile, non- corrosive, quick response sprinkler available. Extended coverage sprinkler heads. Some applications could be, long and narrow spaces such as hallways, corridors, decks and rooms up to 28 feet wide and 14 feet long.   Other applications could be for high rise buildings where a quick response rating is required. Early suppression fast response sprinkler heads used for storage ie:  palletized and solid piled and open frame single row, doulbe row, multiple row and portable rack storage of most common materials including unexpanded and cartoned expanded plastics. Whatever your application, call us and we can provide the correct sprinkler head to meet your needs.

Professional Fire Protection Inc.

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